Empowering Gubura Union: A Journey of Transformation!

A few months ago, I visited Gubura Union in Upazila Shamnagar and was deeply moved by the vulnerable conditions the community faced. Among their challenges, fetching water was a daunting task, especially for the women who had to cross a broken bridge, risking their safety with heavy water-filled jars. Determined to make a difference, I reached out to Christian Aid, and together with NJF and the dedicated team at Prerona, we took action.
Through our joint efforts, we successfully constructed a strong bridge in just a few days, replacing the hazardous one. Now, the women of Gubura Union can effortlessly fetch water for their families, without fear or risk. Witnessing their smiles of relief and gratitude was truly heartwarming.

This project reminded us of the power of unity and compassion. Small actions can lead to monumental changes. My heartfelt thanks to everyone involved and to all who support initiatives like this. Let's continue working together for positive change and a brighter future.


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