Key Focus Areas

The implementation area of the  Prerona’s refers to the geographical or thematic area where the organization operates to execute its activities and projects.

Our Key Focus Areas

The organization promotes women’s social development, child marriage prevention, GVB projects, economic stability, female education, WASH, sustainable livelihood, and disaster management in Satkhira, ensuring their human rights are protected.

Development of women

Empowering women is crucial for economic development, as it can reduce gender inequality and potentially benefit the overall development of the community.

Climate Action

Taking effective climate action as an NGO involves a multi-faceted approach that combines advocacy, community engagement, and practical initiatives.

Sustainable livelihood

Prerona's play a crucial role in promoting sustainable livelihoods, particularly in communities facing economic challenges.

Child Marriage

Prerona's play a crucial role in addressing and preventing child marriage by implementing various strategies and interventions.

Organizational Key Focus Areas

Prerona's often focus on various key areas to address social, economic, environmental, and humanitarian issues. The specific focus areas can vary widely based on the organization's mission, goals, and the needs of the communities they serve. However, some common key focus areas for NGOs include:


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