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About Prerona

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we have started our journey with the great vision to bring Equity, Equality and Economic Empowerment for Women in the society by removing all the barricades which is wet with sorrows and tears, and also, we know that it is impossible to complete without your participation & contribution as partner or in any manners.

History About Prerona

PRERONA  founded by Mrs. Shampa Goswami, aims to improve the socio-economic status of women by addressing gender discrimination and economic challenges. With support from elder society leaders, the organization works on female rights, education, health, hygiene, gender sensitiveness, sustainable livelihood, and economic empowerment.Since its inception in 2006. PRERONA has established lasting partnerships with various organizations and communities.

PRERONA has implemented various projects in Bangladesh’s Satkhira district, focusing on preventing child marriage, climate change, women’s livelihood, minority development, sanitation, self-help groups, vocational training, and women empowerment. 

Shampa Goswami - Executive Director

PRERONA - Women Welfare Organization

Organization Belief

Sustainable Actions, Hopeful Reactions

Prerona has made significant strides in addressing gender-based violence through legal aid, Women-Friendly Stations, and awareness sessions, influencing key legislations and promoting gender and equity.

Human Rights

Prerona's frequently advocate for and work towards upholding human rights on a global scale. This includes efforts to prevent discrimination, protect vulnerable populations, and ensure access to basic necessities such as education, healthcare, and food.

Social Justice

Prerona's are driven by a commitment to promoting social justice. They often focus on addressing inequalities, advocating for human rights, and working towards creating a fair and equitable society.


Prerona's aim to empower individuals and communities, particularly those who are marginalized or disadvantaged. This empowerment may take various forms, such as providing education, skill development, and resources to enable people to improve their lives.