Our Partners & Donors

We have tried to give you some important names of organizations that believe in  and are working with us.

An Organization You Can Trust

We have tried to give you some important names of organizations that believe in  and are working with us

How we work with Partners

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a crucial role in implementing donor projects to address various social, economic, and environmental issues. Here’s an overview of how an NGO typically performs the work of a donor project:

01. Project Identification & Proposal Development

Prerona’s identify and develop projects aligned with their mission and goals, either responding to donor requests or proactively developing ideas, creating detailed proposals outlining objectives, activities, budget, and expected outcomes.

02. Proposal Submission & Funding Acquisition

Perona’s submit project proposals to potential donors, such as government agencies, foundations, bilateral organizations, or international development agencies, which are then used to acquire funds for project implementation.

03. Project Planning

Prerona’s secure funding and create detailed project plans, including timelines, budgets, and resource allocation, while setting project goals, objectives, and performance indicators.

04. Team Formation

Prerona’s create project teams with required skills and expertise, defining roles and responsibilities, and potentially conducting staff training if necessary.


Prerona’s execute project plans, collaborate with local partners, and stakeholders, ensuring effective implementation through regular monitoring and evaluation for necessary adjustments.

06. Capacity Building

Prerona’s often enhance the capacity of local communities, organizations, or government bodies through training programs, workshops, and knowledge transfer to empower stakeholders.

07. Reporting & Evaluation

Prerona’s provide regular updates to donors, assess project progress, and demonstrate accountability through effective communication, ongoing monitoring, and evaluation of project impact.

08. Closure & Impact Assessment:

Prerona’s evaluate projects after completion, sharing lessons learned and best practices with donors, other NGOs, and the wider community.


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