Our Impact

The implementation area of the  Prerona’s refers to the geographical or thematic area where the organization operates to execute its activities and projects.

Highlights of Prerona's impact

Speak up and take action for nature, for a sustainable future

Prerona’s play a crucial role in addressing various social, economic, and environmental issues around the world. The impact of an Prerona can be significant and diverse, depending on its mission, focus areas, and the strategies employed. Here are some general impacts that Prerona’s can have:


Early Marriages

Legal support

Victims Of Violence

Gender-Based Violence

Victims Of Violence Support


Pregnant Women

Healthcare Support

Individuals Support

Agriculture Support

Women Support

Gender-Based Violence

Social support

Gender-Based Violence

Prevention Life Saving

More People, More impact

NGOs significantly impact society, environment, and individual lives through their diverse and multifaceted activities, influenced by their mission, goals, and strategies.

Advocacy & Policy Influence

Prerona's are crucial in advocating for policy changes and influencing decision-makers, advocating for marginalized groups, advocating for improved laws, regulations, and social policies.

Education & Capacity Building

Prerona's play a crucial role in educational development by constructing schools, offering scholarships, and providing vocational training, thereby enhancing individuals' skills and knowledge for better livelihoods.

Women's Empowerment

Prerona's promote gender equality and women's empowerment by eliminating gender-based violence, providing educational opportunities, and supporting women in various aspects of life, including entrepreneurship and leadership.

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Disaster Families Support
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Legal Support
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Justice Women
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Early Marriages Stopped

Impact of Prerona's work

Let’s help together

Prerona’s play a crucial role in various sectors, including social welfare, healthcare, education, human rights advocacy, environmental conservation, disaster relief, gender equality, community development, global development, and research and data collection. They implement programs to reduce poverty, improve access to education, advocate for human rights, provide legal assistance, and promote sustainable livelihoods. They also work on climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives. Prerona’s also provide emergency response and relief during natural disasters, promote gender equality, and support community development. They also provide international aid to countries facing economic, political, or health crises.


One Earth, one chance – let’s do it right

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