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Building a world of opportunities for women

PRERONA, founded by Mrs. Shampa Goswami, aims to improve the socio-economic status of women, overcoming gender discrimination and economic challenges. With support from elder society leaders, the organization aims to make a positive mpact.

Who We Are

We Celebrate a Strong Woman

Prerona is a prominent advocate for gender-based violence, focusing on marginalized coastal communities. They offer legal aid, operate Women-Friendly Stations, and influence key legislations.

PRERONA, founded in 2006, focuses on women’s participation in integrated development, focusing on female rights, education, health, hygiene, sustainable livelihood, and economic empowerment. They have implemented projects in Bangladesh’s Satkhira district, preventing child marriage, climate change, and promoting sustainable development.

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Implementation Areas

Since 2006, PRERONA, a women’s welfare organization in Bangladesh’s Satkhira District, has a female-dominated executive body and a strong general body, with 80% of its staff in finance and program management positions.

Mission | Vision | Objectives | Values

To empower marginalized communities through sustainable development initiatives, fostering inclusivity, and promoting social justice, with a commitment to creating positive and lasting impact on individuals and their environments

We are committed to creating a strong and independent society
where women and men equally participate in and benefit from decision-
making processes.

To promote gender equality in all areas of decision making through capacity Development,community empowerment policy engagement.

To improve quality of life of the children, women and in the community people as a whole and to rise the socio-economic condition of the marginal and hardcore people to a level that they can effectively participate in national development with enhanced capacity and dignity a fulfillment of their basic rights.

  • To protect girls and women rights and enhance their sustainable livelihood.
  • To ensure and protect human rights in the society especially vulnerable people in society
  • To alleviate the poverty among the most vulnerable and extreme poor households
  • To save the environment through community resources and mobilization
  • To build society to raise democratic and human rights, socio- economic and cultural practice
  • To transfer ownership of the organization to the beneficiaries
  • Gender equality
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Reduction of poverty and inequality
  • Livelihood
  • Sustainable development
  • Humanity and dignity
  • Cultural specialization
  • Honesty and justice
  • Dedication, honesty, potentiality
  • Transparency and accountability 
  • Democracy approach
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Legal Support
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Justice Women
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Early Marriages Stopped

Highlights of Prerona's Project's

Prerona's Engages in Three Income Generating Activities initiatives:

PRERONA has already implemented 13 different development projects on Preventing Child marriage, Climate change, Women livelihood, Minority development, Sanitation, self-help groups, vocational training to youth, and women empowerment related projects.The main projects are discussed :

Low-Cost Sanitary Napkin Production

PRERONA, a low-cost sanitary napkin production project, employs 50 women to produce 150 packets daily, targeting economically disadvantaged women and adolescents in rural areas.

Project Progress

Shopping Bag Production

PRERONA is collaborating with 250 impoverished women to produce shopping bags, empowering them to gain financial independence and leadership roles within their families.

Project Progress

Producing Organic & Agricultural goods

PRERONA focused on producing organic and agricultural goods typically engages in activities that promote sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

Project Progress

Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Projects

Entrepreneurship Development

PRERONA supports over 100 women by providing them with necessary skills and resources to start small businesses, thereby promoting economic and social progress and self-sufficiency.

Project Progress

Primary Health care support

Prerona is a vital provider of primary healthcare services, particularly in underserved and resource-limited communities, often collaborating with government initiatives to enhance health outcomes.

Project Progress

Protection of Gender Based Violence

Prerona's play a crucial role in the protection and prevention of gender-based violence (GBV). Here are some common ways in which NGOs contribute to addressing GBV.

Project Progress

How We works

Prerona are entities that operate independently of government control, typically driven by a specific mission or cause. Their primary focus is to address social, environmental, or humanitarian issues. Here’s an overview of how NGOs generally work:

01. Mission and Objectives

Prerona’s are founded with a specific mission or set of objectives. This could include promoting human rights, environmental conservation, healthcare, education, poverty alleviation, and more.

02. Funding

Prerona’s rely on funding to carry out their work. Funding sources can include donations from individuals, grants from foundations, corporate sponsorships, and government grants. NGOs often need to diversify their funding sources to maintain financial stability.

03. Advocacy & Awareness

Prerona’s often engage in advocacy to promote their cause and raise awareness about the issues they address. This can involve lobbying governments, organizing public campaigns, and using media to highlight their work.

04. Programs | Projects

Prerona’s implement specific programs and projects to achieve their goals. These initiatives can range from community development projects, disaster relief efforts, education programs, healthcare initiatives, environmental conservation projects, and more.

Prerona's Implementation

Empowering Communities. Ending Poverty

Women’s active participation in community development initiatives, equal opportunity, human rights, freedom of expression, social harmony, work, education, and development are essential for a harmonious society.


Since 2006, PRERONA, a women's welfare organization in Bangladesh's Satkhira District, has a female-dominated executive body and a strong general body, with 80% of its staff in finance and program management positions.

Financial Management & Control

PRERONA employs a robust financial management system at both field and head office levels, overseeing project quality and compliance with technical guidance and donor requirements.

Potential Staff

PRERONA, a NGO with two main units, grants facility, IGA, and finance, administration, and communication, has a highly qualified team of 22 skilled staff members. It conducts both internal & external audits annually, with an NGO Bureau enlisted auditing firm.

An Organization You Can Trust

We have tried to give you some important names of organizations that believe in  and are working with us

Issue of Interest

The organization promotes women’s social development, child marriage prevention, GVB projects, economic stability, female education, WASH, sustainable livelihood, and disaster management in Satkhira, ensuring their human rights are protected.

Development of women

Empowering women is crucial for economic development, as it can reduce gender inequality and potentially benefit the overall development of the community.

Climate Action

Taking effective climate action as an NGO involves a multi-faceted approach that combines advocacy, community engagement, and practical initiatives.

Sustainable livelihood

Prerona's play a crucial role in promoting sustainable livelihoods, particularly in communities facing economic challenges.

Child Marriage

Prerona's play a crucial role in addressing and preventing child marriage by implementing various strategies and interventions.


One Earth, one chance – let’s do it right

Contact us for details on all our projects. We will be happy to assist you in all project related matters.

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