Our Approach

NGOs often adopt common approaches based on their mission, goals, and specific issues or communities, varying based on their specific goals and objectives.

Our Approach

Women empowerment is the way to country’s development.

Prerona is a prominent advocate for gender-based violence, focusing on marginalized coastal communities. They offer legal aid, operate Women-Friendly Stations, and influence key legislations.

Prerona a Bangladeshi non-governmental organization, focuses on development and resilience by empowering women and girls. Working with over 18 NGOs, 6 international NGOs, and 20 civil society partners, they strengthen marginalized rural communities, build resilience, and influence governance, public policy, and development practices. Their activities are based on a right-based approach and empowerment of women and girls.

Organizational Approach

Mission & Objectives

Prerona's are organizations with a specific mission or objectives, often focusing on addressing social, environmental, or humanitarian issues, which guides their activities and defines their purpose.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Prerona's frequently collaborate with governments, other NGOs, businesses, and international organizations to enhance their impact by leveraging resources, sharing expertise, and implementing comprehensive solutions.

Advocacy and Awareness

Prerona's actively participate in advocacy to influence policies, raise awareness, and promote positive change by shaping public opinion, mobilizing communities, and lobbying for policy changes.

Community Involvement

Prerona's frequently involve local communities in their projects and programs, ensuring culturally sensitive, responsive, and long-term sustainable interventions.

Fundraising and Resource Mobilization

Prerona's utilize various funding sources such as grants, donations, and sponsorships, through fundraising campaigns, foundation grants, and private sector partnerships.

Transparency and Accountability

Prerona's prioritize transparency to build trust with donors, partners, and communities, implementing accountability mechanisms like regular reporting, financial audits, and evaluations.

Capacity Building

We empower local communities through capacity building activities, such as training programs, education initiatives, and skill development projects.

Sustainable Development

We focus on sustainable development, working towards long-term solutions that address the root causes of problems rather than providing short-term relief.

Our Key Focus Areas

The organization promotes women’s social development, child marriage prevention, GVB projects, economic stability, female education, WASH, sustainable livelihood, and disaster management in Satkhira, ensuring their human rights are protected.

Development of women

Empowering women is crucial for economic development, as it can reduce gender inequality and potentially benefit the overall development of the community.

Climate Action

Taking effective climate action as an NGO involves a multi-faceted approach that combines advocacy, community engagement, and practical initiatives.

Sustainable livelihood

Prerona's play a crucial role in promoting sustainable livelihoods, particularly in communities facing economic challenges.

Child Marriage

Prerona's play a crucial role in addressing and preventing child marriage by implementing various strategies and interventions.


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