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Our organizer project management experience is discussed below

Highlights of Prerona's Project's

Prerona's Engages in Three Income Generating Activities initiatives:

PRERONA has already implemented 13 different development projects on Preventing Child marriage, Climate change, Women livelihood, Minority development, Sanitation, self-help groups, vocational training to youth, and women empowerment related projects.The main projects are discussed :

Low-Cost Sanitary Napkin Production

PRERONA, a low-cost sanitary napkin production project, employs 50 women to produce 150 packets daily, targeting economically disadvantaged women and adolescents in rural areas.

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Shopping Bag Production

PRERONA is collaborating with 250 impoverished women to produce shopping bags, empowering them to gain financial independence and leadership roles within their families.

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Producing Organic & Agricultural goods

PRERONA focused on producing organic and agricultural goods typically engages in activities that promote sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

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Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Projects

Entrepreneurship Development

PRERONA supports over 100 women by providing them with necessary skills and resources to start small businesses, thereby promoting economic and social progress and self-sufficiency.

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Primary Health care support

Prerona is a vital provider of primary healthcare services, particularly in underserved and resource-limited communities, often collaborating with government initiatives to enhance health outcomes.

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Protection of Gender Based Violence

Prerona's play a crucial role in the protection and prevention of gender-based violence (GBV). Here are some common ways in which NGOs contribute to addressing GBV.

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Project Management Experience

Educate a woman | empower a woman!

Project management is a discipline that involves planning, executing, and overseeing a project from its initiation to completion. The primary goal is to achieve specific project objectives within the constraints of scope, time, quality, and budget. Effective project management ensures that resources are used efficiently, risks are mitigated, and the project delivers the intended results. Our organizer project management experience is discussed below

Funded By : Action Aid Bangladesh | UNFPA

Working Area : Kaliganj |upazila |Satkhira

Funded By : Action Aid Bangladesh | UNFPA

Working Area : Kaliganj |upazila |Satkhira

Funded By : Ministry of Science & Technology

Working Area : Satkhira District

Funded By : NORAD

Working Area : Kaliganj upazila

Funded By : NGF | Shyamnagar

Working Area : Shyamnagar upazila

Funded By : Manusher Jonno Foundation

Working Area : Kaliganj | Satkhira

Funded By : Dept. of Women Affairs

Working Area : Nagaon


Empowering a woman Empowers next generations.

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