Skill Areas

Prerona’s tackle social, economic, environmental, and humanitarian issues across various sectors, requiring varying skill areas based on their focus and mission.

Organizational Skill Areas

Elevate, Educate, Empower | Women Leading Change.

Prerona is a prominent advocate for gender-based violence, focusing on marginalized coastal communities. They offer legal aid, operate Women-Friendly Stations, and influence key legislations.

To effectively address women’s empowerment issues, one must possess a deep understanding of gender dynamics, advocacy skills, and expertise in gender-based violence prevention and response. They should also have expertise in education, economic empowerment, health and reproductive rights, community engagement, monitoring and evaluation, and legal knowledge. These skills are crucial for fostering a more gender-inclusive environment, promoting economic independence, and ensuring the well-being of women.

Organizational Present Activity

 Skills in advocating for women’s rights, influencing policy changes, and engaging in lobbying activities to create a more gender-inclusive environment are essential.

Organizational Activity

Organizing activities for a our organization  requires careful planning and execution to achieve the organization's goals and make a positive impact on the community or cause it serves.

Program Activity

Prerona's play a crucial role in empowering women at the grassroots level through various initiatives aimed at enhancing their social, economic, and political status.

Prerona's play a crucial role in the prevention of abuse and rape of girls by addressing various aspects of this complex issue. Their involvement spans awareness, advocacy, support, education, and community engagement.

Prerona's are instrumental in preventing early marriage by addressing various factors, a complex issue involving social, economic, cultural, and legal dimensions.

Prerona's offer emotional support, counseling, and financial assistance to single mothers, addressing challenges like societal stigma, emotional distress, and isolation. They also facilitate financial independence through grants, scholarships, and economic empowerment initiatives.

Prerona's are instrumental in advocating for and safeguarding women's land rights, a crucial aspect for their economic empowerment, social well-being, and overall gender equality.

Prerona's are crucial in supporting youth groups by offering resources, guidance, and a platform for collaboration and community-related issues.


Prerona's interested in marketing organic food pickles made with honey through a market places.

PRERONA, a low-cost sanitary napkin production project, employs 50 women to produce 150 packets daily, targeting economically disadvantaged women and adolescents in rural areas.

Producing organic foods within the framework of a Prerona can be a valuable and impactful initiative.

Prerona's Processing vermicomposting, the process of using worms to decompose organic waste, is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to produce nutrient-rich compost

Prerona's starting a jute and shopping bag-making project in an NGO can be a sustainable and impactful initiative

Creating craft items within an Prerona's can be a rewarding and creative way to generate income, raise awareness, and engage the community.

Skill Area

Strength in Every Woman, Power in Every Voice

Prerona’s focused on women’s empowerment typically requires a specific set of skills to address the unique challenges and opportunities associated with gender equality and women’s rights.

Prerona's often undertake projects to address specific issues. Project management skills are crucial for planning, implementing, and evaluating these projects effectively.

Prerona's need to effectively communicate their mission and goals to various stakeholders, including donors, government bodies, and the public. Advocacy skills help in promoting the organization's cause and influencing policy changes.

Preronas's working at the grassroots level need professionals with expertise in community development. This involves understanding the needs of the community, facilitating community participation, and implementing sustainable development projects.

prerona'ss involved in humanitarian work or responding to crises need individuals with skills in emergency response, disaster management, and humanitarian aid.

Prerona's require individuals with financial management skills to ensure responsible and transparent use of funds. This includes budgeting, financial reporting, and compliance with financial regulations.

Prerona's heavily rely on fundraising to support their initiatives. Skills in grant writing, donor relations, and fundraising strategies are essential for sustaining their programs.

NGOs often conduct research to understand the issues they are addressing and to measure the impact of their interventions. Strong research and data analysis skills are valuable for evidence-based decision-making.

Preron's focused on human rights and social justice issues require individuals who are passionate about these causes and have a deep understanding of the legal and ethical aspects related to these issues.

Prerona's working on environmental issues require professionals with expertise in sustainable development, conservation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Prerona's involved in education or capacity-building initiatives need individuals with expertise in educational methods, training, and skill development.


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